Current Goal
$51,230 $100,000
Level Rewards
$10 Shout out on social media
$25 Shout out on social media
$50 Shout out on social media
$100 Listed as “Special Thanks” in the closing film credits
$250 Named/thanked in weekly update email
$500 Invited to post-campaign donor party
$1,000 Listed as “Very Special Thanks” in the closing film credits
$2,500 Invitation to THIN SKIN filming wrap party
$5,000 Invitation to set during filming
$10,000 Private dinner with Aham and Lindy; Listed in “Producer's Circle” in end credits
$25,000 Invitation to the Seattle premiere
$50,000 Invitation to the world premiere

Thin Skin is an independent film that will be shot in Seattle. It is independent in the way it was conceived, written, and developed. The film tells a uniquely Seattle story about Ahamefule J. Oluo, a Seattleite, father, musician, and comedian who is deeply committed to Seattle's cultural life.

Our actors, writers, director and producers - Aham, Lindy West, Hari Kondabolu, Charles Mudede, Zia Mohajerjasbi, Michael Seiwerath and Jennessa West - live and work or have reputations that were made in Seattle. Yet we make our mark nationally and internationally in film, music, theater, comedy, writing and literature.

Seattle is our home, and our film has a distinct Northwest voice. But we know that anyone - no matter who they are or where they live - can connect with Aham's story. We need you to bring that story to life on film, and we are bringing together a passionate group of cultural investors from our home city to make it happen. And that includes you!

We need to raise $100,000 of our overall budget this summer outside our investments. Every cent of this $100,000 will go towards casting the movie with primarily local talent, and hiring excellent local crew from Seattle to bring this unique vision to the screen.


This isn't just our film - it's your film, Seattle. It is powered by the people and the stories of our city, and any contribution made to our tax-deductible production fund housed at the Northwest Film Forum will help make it happen. If you are interested in making an equity investment in the film, please contact Michael Seiwerath.

Thank you, Seattle. This film will make you proud.

--Aham, Lindy, Hari, Charles, Zia, Michael and Jennessa (and Sudeshna, Ariel and Alan)